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Several Weeks of Story Round-Up

As promised...

Do I expect you to read each one? Of course not, but do persue. Something might catch your eye.

State agency honors Plainfield man for industrial chemist work
By Jeanne Millsap

Meet the rather enterprising Walter Voygt, who's dabbled in a bit of everything. I found his work with UVA rays most fascinating, as I am allergic to the sun. I think Jeanne, who loves science, found this to be an all-around fun story to interview and write.

An Extraordinary Life: Former Joliet resident loved history and shared that love in many ways.

Pity kids today don't memorize passages as in days past. When we homeschooled, my kids did. Read on, if only to learn what she memorized as a child and where she recited it.

Presence Care Center in Joliet to offer new clinical trial
By Jeanne Millsap

If you like science and health-ish research, it's a pretty cool story, especially since Joliet got this before the universities did (and the public relations person offered this story to me before she submitted a release to the other newspapers. I then, in turn, gave it to my freelance writer that loves all topics health and science).

Wilmington nutrition coach recommends a plant-based diet

I think she was suprised at the vastness of my nutrition knowledge. Years ago, one of my doctors suggested I take the test to be certified because he needed a dietitian in his office. But I was expecting Rebekah and homeschooling four (at the time) children and wasn't interested.

BTW, this nutrition coach does not necessarily promote veganism. So what does she promote? Read and see (recipes included).

New Lenox church hosts annual community Thanksgiving

For some people, it's the only way to spend Thanksgiving...and I'm not talking about the guests.

Plainfield pastor seeks to capture elusive details

His art is breath-taking and thought-provoking, especially the African river scene.

Persistence leads to support groups finding new home at Easter Seals.

I learned aboyut Leeza's Care Center (and yes, I have interviewed Leeza Gibbons, just not for this story) years ago when I was caring for a man with a traumatic brain injury. At the time, the center did not have a support group for a brain injury, but it did form one (with a brain-injured woman making it happen) after his passing. Of course I wrote about it. Because I was on the newsletter list because of Matt, I learned - and wrote about - all the wonderful programs this center offered to the community. When the center closed, it's former leader worried about where clients would find the support they needed. Kathy Miller not only found a solution, she may have found an opportunity for new expansion.

An Extraordinary Life: Joliet woman modeled love and strength for her family

The table runners her daugher made for the funeral luncheon feature this woman's motto.

Joliet woman organized blood drives for her 40th birthday in memory of her husband
By Jeanne Millsap

And she did so for one very good reason.

Joliet and Morris dietitians offer tips for safe Thanksgiving feasting

These tips are good year-round, not just during the holidays. Slash fat, save calories, and still eat well.

Lockport women coordinate annual blanket distribution for the homeless

The reason why they do so will touch your heart.

Trauma nurse starts over after bus accident

A tale of three stories of courage and triumph by three writers for The Herald-News. I am one of them.

Rabbi from Joliet Jewish Congregation discussesw giving thanks from a Jewish perspective.

I'll admit, this twist for a Thanksgiving story for the newspaper's Faith page was partially motivated by selfishness. I so love conversing with this rabbi, it's hard to look away from an opportunity to do so.

New Lenox Catholic Church offers Chicago-quality music performance.
By Sean Leary

The performance is past, but the spirit and dedication remain. Read to see what they do each year.

Braidwood woman educationg others about heart pump
By Sean Leary

CPR can actually be dangerous in the face of it. Do you know why?

An Extraordinary Life: Trustee for Joliet Public Library loved history and community

He also taught his high school students a skill that is lacking among many youth today.

Morris hematologist explains blood transfusion risks
By Jeanne Millsap

Blood transfusions can be lifesaving, but they do come attached with uncommon, but serious, risks.

Joliet vocalist makes and shares potica from his mother's recipe

He also shares a terrific recipe for beginners. As we talked, it turned out we are related through marriage. Small world!

Homer Glen dance theater troupe adds Catholic spin to classic Dickens story.
By Sean Leary

How did it do that while remaining true to the story? This story tells how.

Joliet festival of gnomes still the same, yet ever evolving
By Dawn Aulet

Although, sadly, this year's show lacked one important element.

New Lenox woman with rheumatoid arthritis has led class at YMCA for over 30 years
By Mauverneen Blevins

Learn what led her to do so...and where her arthritis is now.

An Extraordinary Life: New Lenox church hosts cantata in memory of minister

This was no ordinary minister. Think "prison ministry," "civil rights marches," and "motorcycle gangs."

Lockport teens fights complicated heart condition while striving for Eagle Scout
By Jeanne Millsap

Hospitalizations are normal life occurances for him and another opportunity to get homework done.

Filipinos in the diocese of Joliet celebrate traditional novena and foods
By Dawn Aulet

Ever hear of Simbang Gabi?

Plainfield parents share their faith journey

Is raising a child with a rare syndrome a blessing or a curse? The thoughts of this mom and dad may surprise you.

Up and coming country singer to perform in Shorewood

Yes, the concert is now past, but if you like country music, keep your eye on this guy. He's making a name for himself and without a record label to back him.

Cancer patient donates tree for Joliet cancer center

Some people are a joy to meet. This lady, battling lung cancer at age ninety because she has too much to do yet, left me grinning as broadly as she.

An Extraordinary Life: Joy and caring ruled Plainfield woman's life

She live with cancer. She lived despite cancer and presented her hospice nurse with one special gift.

Morris gastroenterologist offers new hemorrhoid treatment
By Jeanne Millsap

A painless treatment, he said, and a patient echoed that statement.

New Lenox church hosts living nativity
By Mauverneen Blevins

And just what is that? A play? Well, not quite.

New DVD from Plainfield fiber artist adds new dimension to handmade quilts

If you like to quilt, or are learning to quilt, this artist will help you think past simple squares stitched together.

Annual caroling tradition benefits clients of Joliet recovery facility and Joliet nursing home residents

Yes, the carolers are individuals in recovery...and what a joyful noise they make!

An Extraordinary Life: Morris man adopts residents at Saratoga Tower in Morris

He left them proceeds from all his possessions, too...and he created one very valuable and unique possession.

A guide for the journey
By Jeanne Millsap

Breast cancer patients in the Joliet area now have access to a service that eases the treatment process.

Pastor of small Joliet church reaches out to people society often forgets

Read about the special Christmas gift she gave to people at a lesser-known nursing home.

Visually and hearing impaired Shorewood woman creates art

This story has to be read to be believed.

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