Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Seeking Writerly Advice on Stuck Scenes

So I'm stuck on some scenes in Kellen's portion of Before the Blood, battle scenes, to be exact, in seventeenth century Europe, to be precise.

I've read descriptions of battles, studied artillery, formation, etc. Heck, I even have some diagrams.

Because I knew they would take some time, I saved them for my day off yesterday.To my great annoyance, they are not coming together, and they are still not done.

So last night, I reached out to another writer, one who writes great fight scenes, and asked for some guidance. The chapter won't work without these scenes. He's contemplating them and willl get back to me. I plan to take his advice, work a scene, and then send it back to him for some feedback, so I can rework it.

I'm excited to learn something new. :)

Oh, and about Staked!?

Sarah Stegall looked at the files last night. She noticed one page break that didn't stick in Chapter 24, fixed it, and re-uploaded the file. She said when Createspace reviews them (should take about a day), I should just double-check the cover and the page break and approve it. She went through the entire 500-page plus manuscript page by page last night.

Walking the floors with Sarah when she was a colicky baby was so worth it. ;)

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