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BryonySeries Throwback Thursday: "Wigtraption" is Now a Word

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Wigtraption" is now a word

 Or so says my publicist DulcineaHawksworth who, armed with photos, has been shopping 'round for the appropriate long locks to transform an ordinary twenty-first century mortal into the nineteenth century immortal John Simons, for book trailer purposes of course.

Yesterday, Dulcinea met me at the P. Seth Magosky Museum of Victorian Life in Joliet and helped me piece together men's period clothing for James Onohan and "John Simons" for Wednesday's shooting of the Bryony music video and trailers.

Dulcinea is full of modification tips and hopes to attend the filming where, with "pins and needles" she can give my pseudo-vampires the right late 1890s look. I sure hope she can make it, because I don't have her "nip and tuck" talent. I can tell if an outfit's right only after assembly.

Joining us were two of my sons, Christopher and Daniel, who received their first tour of the museum, including the awesome view of Joliet from the top floor. Daniel, who fancies himself the reincarnation of Henry Matthews, my dandy vampire, finally had his chance to don some real Victorian clothes.

Pictures to follow from Bryony's web administrator Sarah Stegall, as the author is technologically disadvantaged and hasn't learned (yet) how to do it.

I wouldn't say Daniel's garb is quite as impressive as past Bryony blog guest Sir Frederick Chook (, but I must say he cuts quite the dashing figure. He may just be Henry yet.

As I write this blog, I'm reading a post from my dressmaker regarding my walking suits. One has red shimmer fabric; the other, blue. She has modified the pattern to make them appear "vampire-y" (whatever that means; can't wait to find out), and is currently ruffling twenty yards of satin.

Oh yeah, I'm as excited as Melissa approaching Halloween night!

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