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Throwback Steward Saturday: Abridged "Bryony" Comments from Ed Calkins

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Abridged "Bryony" Comments from Ed Calkins

It's not everyday one is featured in a novel series, but for Ed Calkins, the Steward of Tara, who hopes the Bryony legacy will further his own, the story is an intersting read, since his identity, thoughts, and sometimes actual words, are very present in my vampire story.

When I had last spoken to Ed, he was recovering from a bad cold that had settled into his throat and larynx, but he did offer a few comments, along with a promise to submit a full review at a later date, when he had completed the entire book.

Ed said:

   *  His wife really liked it, read it in two days, and can't see where a sequel will come in.

   *  He felt quite a number of men could relate to John Simons, the main vampire.

   *  He thought the writing style and vocabulary was beautifully tailored to young adults.

   * Mostly, though, he was eagerly awaiting his appearance.

Stay tuned to the Bryony fan page for more reader comments next week. Not yet a fan? Find the page at

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