Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Early Day

Stupid cold.

No walk.


Still behind.

The combination means I'm heading out the door to work shortly (lunch box strapped over my shoulder, carrying an umbrella, and dragging my office behind me) hopefully, the last day I'll be skipping a walk, fighting the cold, and struggling to catch up. I have reason to be hopeful.

The cold is (somewhat) better.

The odds that it will rain ANOTHER day in the pre-dawn hours are slim.

I can see the light over the stack of work.

I'm assuming Sarah is feeling the same, as the formatting changes for Staked! are still sitting beside my computer, and our web administrator emeritus is rather silent these days.

Maybe both she and I will get home in a timely fashion tonight.

Crossing my fingers and making a wish over the keyboard. Where is Cornell Dyer when one needs him?

Have a great day, vampire fans! :)

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