Monday, July 7, 2014

The View at Monday Morning, After a Three-Day Weekend

(Almost) ready for the week! The tone around the four-square rooms that comprise Casa de Baran-Unland is that we all could have used ONE MORE DAY! (Isn't that always the case?).

Actually, I don't think any of us fully realized how pressing the last few years actually were until we had an opportunity to just...stop. We had that opportunity this weekend, and we are so incredibly thankful for it.

No emergencies.

No "one more thing" that needed addressing.

No family squabbles.

No "other foot dropping."

No unexpected drop-ins.

No, nothing.

Thursday, I stayed up late writing fiction. Friday, I woke up early to write fiction, fell back asleep at nine o'clock and then work up four hours later, ready to hit it. Took a break seven thirty-ish when Christopher, Jennifer and the boys (Ronnie, Caleb, and Micah) came 'round, and then it was off to the Knights of Columbus for fireworks. My "adopted" son Gerald was there, too, and it was awesome catching up.

BTW, Some of us walked to the KC, and it's truly magical to walk in the dark, especially on the Fourth of July, with music and headphones. Oh, yeah, and then we stopped for ice cream. Sort of.

Stayed up for many more hours writing fiction. Woke up ten-ish Saturday morning and wrote until I sleep overtook me. Broke the pace this weekend only for showers and quick meals at the computer. Reset the day on Sunday, caught up on email (hundreds of them), a few chores, a birthday celebration (Amber's and Rebekah's half) and, well, here we are.

The only damper? Can't order a proof copy of Staked! until I get paid at the end of the week. Definitely a bummer.

I'm on call this weekend, so I won't be returning to the prequel for two more weeks. However, I have a list of assorted BryonySeries chores that I can accomplish, easily laid aside for breaking news, chores like getting back to the art for The Adventures of Cornell Dyer: Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone and Bertrand and the Lucky Six-Leaf Clover.

Ah, you thought I'd forgotten about them, didn't you?

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