Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Proof, Need Hope, Links

Anyone here old enough to remember this type of back and forth joke?

He: I bought a new house.

She: That's wonderful!

He: No, it isn't. It burned down last night.

She: That's terrible.

He: No, it isn't. The insurance company cut me a million dollar check.

She: That's wonderul.

He: No, it isn't. The bank won't cash it due to insufficient funds.

So Blogger is still not allowing me to upload photos, an irritation on a morning that is otherwise (and so far, but it's early) going well.

Because if Blogger would cooperate, I'd show you the photo of what was waiting for me at the apartment door when I zipped home yesterday to feed the kittens: a box contained two proof copies of Staked!

Unfortunately, a not-so-quick flip through the book revealved numerous formatting mistakes, so I've already telegrammed Sarah Stegall, along with shooting up a fervent prayer she can make time to fix it. I'm feeling like we'll be releasing Staked! around 2025. (Be postive, vamp lady, be positive).

On the plus side, I'm over the full moon on the art. The light and dark contracts between the interior and exterior illustrations, the coloring on the front, the off-centerness of some of the inside drawings lends an eerie creepiness to a book that, on the surface, appears to have humorous moments.

Also, another cat, Hope, escaped from my son's Morris, Illinois apartment. She's a tortoise, microchipped et. al, and ours. No, I can't post a photo of her, either. Please message me at, if you'd like to see her photo, of if you have information on this sweet little kitty.

On a more postive note, below are the two feature stories that ran in yesterday and today's editions of The Herald-News:

Hardest thing is talking and writing
By Jeanne Millsap

Braidwood teens suffers same disorder as Harry Potter star

Guarding your heart
Joliet hospital features class on heart-healthy recipes

Covered this event Monday and night and returned with some delicious recipes for kale and black beans and rice. I am such a peasant!

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