Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Easy Trick to Jump-Start Your Muse

Or, at least, this is one easy trick that works for me: read your notes, previous chapters, etc. before you go to sleep at night or even before that delicious weekend nap. In college, I used to do this before exams and found I performed far better and with greater ease than when I did not do this. In fact, a little studying right before bedtime was more effective than hours of cramming.

Now, I don't necessarily wake up full of ideas, but impressions of the story, chapter, dialogue, character - whatever I was hoping to tackle - remain. When I do sit down to actually write, ideas flow better.

At any rate, it doesn't hurt to try.

Three area runners find different motivations
By Jeanne Millsap

Talk about having "get up and go!"


Therapy dog at children's advocacy center brings comfort to all

Jackson does seem to get most of the attention, but if you haven't met his sister, read on!


An Extraordinary Life: Faithful, frugal, focused

With a bit of fun and adventure mixed in. That, too, was Ray Egly


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