Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Writing Hints Today, Just a Spot of Good News

Time-crunching week made all the more time-crunching yesterday (grumble, groan, grumble).

HOWEVER, Createspace FINALLY approved the cover for Staked! 

The plan today (well, it was the plan for yesterday, too) is to check for errors. I'm debating between simply using the online proof and ordering an actualy hard copy.

With Bryony, I did order a hard copy, found some editing errors, corrected them, and then approved the book. Of course (as it always happens), I still found some errors (not many, but some) in the final copy.

Knowing this and being on a holiday deadline with Visage (remember the holiday edition), I skipped ordering the hard copy and used only the online proof. Of course again, I found errors, which I corrected before we approved the official edition. Of course still more, the official edition has - you guessed it - some copy and two formatting errors.

So is there a benefit to delaying publication by adding the extra delay or a hard copy? To order or not to order: that is the burning question this morning.

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