Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Quick Catch-Up (A Bonus Post, Sort of...)

Staked!: Sarah and Rebekah poured through the formatting errors last weekend and - hopefully - caught them all. I talked to Christine at Cal Graphics about the back cover error, and she checked her files. She doesn't think it's her error, but to save time going back and forth from Createspace to her, she asked me to send the exacct cover measurements, and she will redo it. Hopefully, we will then FINALLY have a book.

And now for all the story links I have forgotten to include with this week's posts...

An Extraordinary Life: Shorewood woman born for adventure

The problem was deciding which informtion to leave out.

Service dogs help local men lead more independent lives

These guys were already pretty amazing, given their limitations, but their service dogs enhanced their capabilities even more.

Joliet hospital offers innovative treatment for liver cancer
By Jeanne Millsap

It doesn't cure the disease, but it helps in other ways.

Joliet restaurant owner's homemade sangria at heart of fundraiser

Guy Turilo has shown his compassion for Guatemalan youth in many ways, including a adopting a child. Now, he's "stepping up to the plate" to do even more.

Joliet teen gives back to the school that helped shape him

Three years ago, Micah McBride was a hyperactive kid that had no thoughts past fun. Now he's dedicated, focused, and goal-oriented.

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