Sunday, June 8, 2014

Recipe for Author-ly Happiness

1) Stay late at work all week catching up so as to avoid bringing assignments home on the weekend when one would rather write fiction.

2) Inform Rebekah (in advance) that she is to vacate the bedroom for all of Saturday, until bedtime (hers).

3) Buy plenty of Gloria Jean coffee.

4) Sign online.

5) Find imagination-trigger music on YouTube. Repeat the same song for three hours because it keeps the ideas flowing. Find new song when muse dries up.

6) Re-read previous chapters of works.

7) Go to first paragraph/scene/character description bleeped over for lack of research. Repeat with remaining paragraphs after progress is made.

8) Research.

9) Write.

10) Reheat coffee.

11) Write.

12) Grab food.

13) Research.

14) Write.

15) Reheat coffee.

16) Write.

17) Research.

18) Write.

19) Grab food.

20) Curse at the computer when it runs slowly, only to realize you have fifty tabs open.

21) Break concentration to figure out which tabs you no longer need.

22) Reheat coffee.

23) Re-read.

24) Grab food.

25). Research.

26) Write.

27) Reheat coffee, and glance at clock. Wonder how tweleve hours passed so quickly.

28) Reluctantly let Rebekah back in the bedroom so she can sleep.

29) Argue with Rebekah that the desk light is NOT in her eyes and that you will NOT turn it off.

30) Turn desk light toward wall.

31) Write.

32) Research.

33) Write.

34) Re-read chapter from start to finish.

35) Tweak chapter.

36) Reluctantly call it a night at one o'clock Sunday morning.

37) Close files, sign off the internet.

38) Grab food.

39) Place phone on charger

40) Shower and bed.

What an absolutely phenomenal weekend!


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