Monday, June 2, 2014

How the Weekend Wrapped Up and Where We Are at With "Staked!"

I spent five hours yesterday working on Before the Blood, certainly not the writing marathon I had wanted, but enough to keep me from entering Monday morning feeling resentful. Plus, while I'm not feeling quite caught up at work, Saturday's productivity has been feeling not-so-woefully behind..except for the 130-some emails staring me down.

Now if I can only keep up the momentum all week!

Then I spent most of yesterday afternoon with the fiction writers, reviewing their work, discussing progress made, and setting new goals. I was especially heartened to hear that they've met even when I cannot. I love their passion for their work and their dedication to perfecting it. WriteOn, indeed!

Came home and dashed out again with Timothy for just a few groceries, as he does major shopping on Mondays when he's home. Then, leaving the spoils in the trunk, we decided to go for a walk and talk before the rain came. Three times out and turn around because it started pouring, only to have it let up as we headed back, so spin around and set out again. We did that for about forty-five minutes, and then, after the final round of sprinkling that mocked us, we gave it up.

Rebekah and I did not watch Once Upon a Time. :(
I did however enjoy two (three?) Family Guy episodes with Daniel on Friday night.

Okay, now Staked! The third and (sort of ) final book in the BryonySeries has been ready to go for some time now, except for THE COVER! No matter what Sarah does or what I do, the @$%#%$Q@#$ thing won't upload. This morning I sent an email to our graphic artist to resend it as the original email has flitted off to the Twilight Zone. I'm hoping that re-downloading the art will solve the problem. Another writer messaged me the other day saying he was fed up with Createspace. For now, I'm assuming the error is mine until proven otherwise. However, if we still have trouble after Cal Graphics sends it, I'll be calling tech support.

Getting closer to realization on the side project. Meeting this morning. More on that as it gets closer to completion.

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