Saturday, June 28, 2014

Good Thoughts for Ed Calkins

Please send good thoughts, prayers, healing energy, etc. for the real-life Ed Calkins, Steward of Tara.

I had not spoken to Ed in many months, and he had not responded to the last few emails. Yes, I could have callen him, but you know how life is: his number didn't port into my new phone; I am now busiest (or sleeping) when he is up and about, etc. and so forth.

Anyway Ed, the king of candy canes, ruthless dictator, organizer of whimsical fun to make others laugh, composer of bad limerics, Santa impersonator, collector of verbal harems of wives and all around favorite delusionalist, is suffering from a crippling bout of depression at this time. I'm actually heartened he made the effort to reach out to me, as I know how crippling depression can be.

On that note, I have uploaded a new version of the Staked! cover to Createspace (thank you Christine at Cal Graphics! :)), so hopefully the book - and the make-believe Ed - will be with us very soon.

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