Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Are (For The Most Part) Moved In

And so are Midnight and Hope, both, of whom, are crying a lot.

Tough and athletic Hope cries when a room is empty; Midnight cries all night. Hopefully, they will quickly learn they are here to stay. Working on Faith...

Frances may have a new temporary home, one that she herself selected. More on that when details are finalized.

The weekend was a marathon. Except for the storage unit, every item from my mother's went from there to here in twelve hours. Since the computer was the last to go, I actually put in half a day of work while everyone else did the back and forth. Enough was put away to get us room to sleep, shower, and navigate the next day.

We actually made Divine Liturgy forty miles away and the Mother's Day brunch that followed. Timothy, who worked like a slave the previous day, helped the men cook it.

Then we had Joshua, Amber, Ezekiel, and Jessica over for Ezekiel's second birthday, a low-key celebration, as we finished the unpacking. We got to bed late and slept poorly (Timothy actually stayed up into the wee hours arranging his first kitchen) but we all made work and school the next day.

I'm amazed at the amount of space we actually do have. The grounds are well-maintained. and maintanence itself is true to its word. When the monsoons started Sunday night, and the picture window leaked, "Jeff" was at the apartment in no time.

We've already checked out the fitness center and pool. I did a trial walk "run" to work and decided that the backpack is indeed to heavy to carry all the while (along with my lunchbox and coffee thermos) and caved to the sissy pack with wheels. Soooo, without a trial run, I walk to work today.

After the power walk, of course. Breaking in the new route this morning...

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