Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: The Continuing Tale of Lucas Stegall vs. John-Peter Simotes

Tomorrow, the long version.
Today, consider this page from Visage, Chapter 23: No Holds Barred:

John glanced at John-Peter, and Melissa fell silent. The boy busied himself with the string beans. One at a time, he pinched them between his forefinger and his thumb, leaned back his head, and dropped them down his throat.

His actions unnerved Melissa. “Stop that right now!”

John-Peter ignored her and opened his mouth wider for another green bean.

“John, make him stop. He’ll choke.”

“John-Peter, mind your manners at the dinner table.”

“They’re snakes,” the boy said as he picked up another one and gave it the same treatment. He smacked his lips and turned cunning eyes at Melissa. “You want me to eat meat. Well, snakes are meat. Right, Father?”

And, Lucas (who has never read Visage, although he has read parts of Bryony and tries to sell the book to everyone he meets):

BTW, note the color of his shirt. Just sayin.'



Sarah Stegall said...

The similarities are just wild.

Denise M. Baran-Unland said...

Keep sending stuff, too. They have the makings of an ongoing theme. Tomorrow: the back story.