Monday, April 7, 2014

What Insomnia Has Taught Me

   *  That the problems of the world can't be solved at 2:30 a.m.

   *  That practicing relaxation may not bring sleep, but will provide some additional rest.

   *  That God might be teaching patience in frustrating circumstances over which one has little to no control, like falling asleep on command.

   *  That this, too, shall pass. The urge and need to sleep is an overwhelming one. No matter how severe the insomnia, eventually, everyone does sleep.

   *  That it is possible to function, and function well, on less than optimal sleep, especially when not self-inflicted.

   *  That I now have plenty of time to get that project done that I worried over not having enough time to accomplish (typed with a touch of sarcasm).

   *  That God invented caffeine for a reason.

   *  That my sleeping bag will feel totally awesome at the end of today.

   *  That power naps are golden...and that rejuvenation and increased productivity come from taking pauses in the day, not charging full speed ahead 24/7.

   *  To thank God for the gifts of full nights of rested sleep when they do occur AND

   *  For the insights that work their way into my brain in that area between alertness and "can't quite get back to sleep."

   *  That I probably have plenty of company.

   *  That, for whatever reason unbeknownst to me, I'm where God wants me in this moment, and that no greater blessing exists for me than to be in God's will.


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