Friday, April 4, 2014

Soundbites and Story Round Up

Throat still on flaming fire, doubt it's allergies. Thinking maybe my Vitamin D is low. I do take supplements (long story), but maybe not enough. The last time my resistance was this low (2009), my levels were low, and I needed higher dosages to bring them back up. Resistance returned to normal, too. Only good thing about the sore throat deal is I'm talking less. No, it's not because I'm working in an office. I started the new job with a similiar cold. To misquote the cliche, "It's me, not them."

Passed on WriteOn! Joliet last night and missed meeting a new member (the new members always show up when I'm not there; maybe I should stay home more often). I also rescheduled my lunch date with the freelancer after realizing I was flat broke until payday (today).

I'm assuming further work on fixing Staked! formatting is postponed until Sarah returns home next week. :(

Amber's baby shower tonight. First granddaughter--Monica Frances--arrives at the end of this month. I feel so blessed that, so far, each of my children have carried on my tradition of using saint and Biblical names. :)

In theory, working St Nicholas' spaghetti dinner Saturday night. My job the last few years has been manning (womanning) the mic and announcing raffle winners. Again the last few years, most of the donations have been handmade crocheted afgans made by a woman in our church. Before you laugh, we make more money now on raffles than when we had "traditional" prizes.

Stupid throat! Wanna go back to bed...

And now, the stories!

For the tiniest of tigers

I LOVE this story. Joliet West NHS students host its second fun fair to benefit some really sick young children. Before you pass this off with a, "Oh, how cute," you should know last year's fair netted $6000. These kids aren't playing around.

An Extraordinary Life: She helped anyone she could

Feeding anyone that came through her door with simple plain food, fondess for antiques, hats, and the unusual, supporting family no matter what... yeah, I would have liked her.

Taking the Frisbee to new heights

The familiar backyard disc is far more fun when you train your dogs to play--and compete--with you. And to think the guy was surfing YouTube only to find a few backyard games!

Joliet woman will rappel to raise money for respiratory disorders
By Jeanne Millsap

In addition to supervising my editorial assistant, I now assign stories to, oversee, and edit the work of the freelancers I choose to use. Here is one such story. BTW, this woman doesn't tolerate heights. Read on why she's doing this.

It's time for Passover in the Matzah aisle

If you live in the Joliet area, stop by the Jewel on Jefferson Street, if only to chat with the rabbi. Fascinating, fascinating man and an excellent conversationalist, even in a casual setting.

A Lenten family tradition

The family that sings together, prays together? As I interviewed this homeschool family, I thought, "My editor will never believe these quotes came from the mouths of these two little girls."

I was wrong. Kate never questioned it. This story is worth your time, if only for these two girls.

Stars of 'Ghost Hunters' to appear at Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet

Fan of the show? This story is for you, as Steve Gonsalves shares memories and insights, not necessarily of the show. Not a fan of the show? Still a good read.

Incidentally, whenever I write a "celebrity" story, I always research what's already been written. Although background information will, naturally, be consistent, if the story's not personal, I've done it wrong.


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