Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Playing Dress-Up: Fun With Sisters and Daughters

I was almost in the shower the other night, when I heard a knock. I opened the door a crack, as my seven year old grandson Lucas was running around somewhere, and Rebekah handed me two pairs of jeans.

"Here," she said. "Try these on. If they don't fit, Sarah's giving them to Aunt Karen tomorrow."

I quickly tried them on, and they fit. The waistband sat a little higher than I liked, but I have a couple of favorite T-shirts that don't quite meet the the tops of my other jeans, so these jeans were perfect. I handed them back to Rebekah.

"Three bucks each at Good Will," Sarah called back.

I was almost in the shower again when I heard ywet another knock.

"Try this pair on, too," Sarah said.

Much cuter than the first two, dark blue and slim, they, too fit, more in the fashion I prefer. Sarah looked disappointed and she turned me around and examined me.

"I bought them for me, but the look better on you," Sarah said. "Okay, you can keep them. Wait, don't take them off yet."

She brandished a purple peasant shirt. I quickly slid it over my head, and Sarah liked the look with those jeans. Then I just as quickly shed the clothes and hopped into the shower (we have a long shower line at night), happy to be the owner of four "new" garments, all for probably less than ten bucks.

If you haven't guessed, since my kids were babies, we have creatively bought and swapped clothing: garage sales, friends, resales shops. We feel traditional stores can't meet the prices and variety of styles. Sarah belongs to a clothing exchange in Raleigh, so she nabs anything that looks like a size three and brings it back with her when she visits.

Yesterday, she picked up Rebekah from Joliet Junior College, and they spent a delightful afternoon at Good Will. After Sarah brought me home from work, they emptied bags across the bed and divided up the spoils...and argued in sisterly fashion about the items that didn't make it home and whose fault it was. When they got past it, they pulled clothing off and on and modeled the treasures for me.

So simple a past time. So satisfying the pleasure.


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