Thursday, April 3, 2014

Does God Speak to You?

I hope you don't think this is silly, but from my earliest childhood, I have heard him speak to me, in small and large ways.

The other day, I blogged about my dream (vision, whatever) of seeing my six children before they were born. God has directed me in other ways, too. Mostly, since the majority of my life doesn't doesn't run on life and death scenarios (although it can sometimes seem that way), God guides me in the day to day decisions, little things to some people, but when one desires to always be in the will of God, no decision really is too small.

Like this morning.

I may have developed a cat allergy, or, more specifically, I may have had one all along, but, almost in an immunotherapy way, I grew accustomed to the cats due to repeated, live-in exposure. Seeing them only once a month now means full, blown-out allergy attacks each time.

And it sucks. It also means, if it's true, I have some unpleasant decisions to make.

So anyway, I worked from Channahon on Monday. It happened quite by accident, and it was not a typical "work from home" day, as appointments crisscrossed the entire day with no block of time really ever available to concentrate on a single project. But that wasn't the day's goal.

The day was to hang out with these furry family members. You know they're missing you, too, when even the least social of them runs up to greet you at the door and leap into your arms. I left the house that day soooo congested...

The next day, I was still congested and had a horribly sore throat, one that kept getting worse each day. Timothy called it allergies; I wondered if it wasn't another cold, EXCEPT, it's not typical of my colds, and it would mark the third one since I started the new job January 15.

Sigh! Allergic to cats or a shot immune system. Not pretty either way.

Anyway, with a throat so sore I could barely swallow--much less speak (I can hear someone of you saying, "That's a good thing.")--I crawled into my sleeping bag last night, early, and passed right out.

I awakened this morning, throat still raw, and wondered if a nap should take precedence over a walk. The nap is a major mind clearer and stress breaker, as necessary to my functioning as its physical benefits, so hence my mental wrestling.

Especially since today's schedule is tight. I have lunch today with a freelancer and a WriteOn Joliet meeting tonight.

At four-thirty, I headed downstairs for coffee and heard the pattering of rain on the roof. Well, I thought, it will probably stop by six thirty. Exactly at that moment, thunder crashed. Well, I thought again, that's still two hours away. Except now it's five-thirty, and the rain is not letting up.

Yes, I could ignore what He's saying and layer up anyway (funny how the thunder just started up again), but if I do, in fact, have a cold, running around soaking wet for ninety minutes doesn't sound wise.

And, anyhow, despite the coffee, a nap does sound REALLY good...

(Thunder, right on cue...)


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