Thursday, October 17, 2013

WriteOn Joliet's "Practice" Open Mic Night

Six of us (okay, four of us, as two are regular hams) braved the front of the room, the microphone, and the handful of family and friends that gathered to hear us warble our written words in public. For many of us, that was the first time we'd ever read our original material in that arena.

The material--poems, short stories, essays, and several novel selections--made us laugh, cry, and pause. I was not nervous, and our emcee--one of the readers--felt I didn't do half bad, although he has a few tweaking tips for me. Excellent! The goal is always to improve.

I did read the first chapter of Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone, but unless WriteOn Joliet schedules another open mic night before the book's release, I won't be sharing anything more from that book until after publication.

So sorry. ;)

The short story Snowbell also is unpublished, but if you'd like to hear it, wander by the storytellers room at this year's Witches Night Out fundraiser. For more information visit

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