Monday, October 14, 2013


Crazy few days. Quick bullet points for catch-up, and then hopefully back to my regular blog posting.

Since Thursday, I've:

*  completed the editing and formatting for Staked!

*  sent an advance review copy to the man who will be (hopefully) writing its forward

*  swooned over Christopher Gleason's incredible interior art AND forwarded all pieces to Sarah Stegall for her opinion

*  participated in the 9th annual author fair at the Joliet Public Libary

*  caught up on deadlines, voice mail, scheduling, and email. Now to complete my backlog of feature stories and payroll

*  completed all but one chapter of Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone

*  grocery shopped!!!

* interviewed one last press release for Witches Night Out

*  practiced for WriteOn Joliet's inaugural open mic night

*  appeared on 1340 AM WJOL's Friday Morning with Lynne, Mary & Natalie to discuss the author fair, WriteOn Joliet, and Witches Night Out.

*  and went to church

This weekend, I'll be shooting the art for Cornell Dyer and the Missing Tombstone and Bertrand and the Lucky Clover. Unless unforeseen tragedy strikes (HUSH!), BryonySeries will be releasing three new titles in time for Christmas.

Wondering if this November I can FINALLY write a working draft of Before the Blood for National Novel Writing Month.

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